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Creator and Producer

Hi! I’m Josh Proctor, the creator and main host of the Life on Side B podcast. Since I was little, I knew I was gay and have been passionate ever since then to better understand how faith and sexuality intersect. My journey with faith and sexuality has been a long one that has taken me a lot of places, and now I have been pursuing a life of celibacy for multiple years.


I work as the New Resource Creative and Spanish Instructor for Posture Shift, a missiological ministry which equips church leaders to enhance LGBT+ inclusion and care. I am ordained with the Christian and Missionary Alliance and lived in Colombia for eight years working in international relations in the church.


I am a Bible nerd with a BA in Biblical Studies, MA in Old Testament and Hebrew, and am currently pursuing my DMin. More than anything, I want to impact the world to reach people and impact society with the gospel.


Josh and Michelle on Family and Friendship

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Based in Forth Worth, Texas, Henry Abuto is a celibate gay Christian man who writes on Faith, Friendship, Sexuality, Race, Jesus, and a hot of other topics. Lover of hosting dinner parties, like music, deep friendships, red wine, Beyonce, and all things Texas. He owns an event planning and catering business called ByWasanga and hosts another podcast called Tony & Henry: On The Same Page.



Henry on Loneliness


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Bekah is a parent, teacher, and student in Tennessee who spends her “spare time” mentoring Side B young'uns and advocating for other groups who have traditionally been marginalized in the evangelical church. She works as the Executive Director of Revoice, a non profit organization dedicated to “support and encourage gay, lesbian, bisexual, and other same-sex attracted Christians as well as those who them”. She speaks and writes about non-traditional families, sexuality, abuse, and women in ministry.


Bekah is hooked on hiking, photography, history, and owning more books than she can read in a lifetime. You can follow her on her blog, and on Twitter @bekahmason to keep up with all her random observations on life, politics, sexuality, abuse, and all the absurd things her kids say.

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Bekah on Adoption and Fostering

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Grant is a gay celibate seminarian living in St. Louis, an infamous workshop presenter, and probably the world’s worst vegetarian. He has been involved in teaching and discipleship through an evangelical campus ministry, and infrequently speaks at Christian conferences on being a gay follower of Jesus, queer culture, contextualization, and missiology, but right now he mostly serves people food, tries to survive learning biblical Greek, and reads basically anything other than that which is required for his classes. He is most interested in the myriad ways God has been and continues to be, active in the lives of queer people. You can follow him on Twitter @thegranthartley


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Elizabeth Black has served as an evangelist and minister in New York City for 10 years. Originally from Baltimore, MD, she attended Washington Bible College for undergraduate studies and is currently working on her Masters of Theology in Contextual Theology of Missions at All Nations, a missions college in the United Kingdom. Elizabeth is the Co-Founder and President of Kaleidoscope, a new ministry that reaches the LGBTQ community of New York City with the Gospel.

She works to teach pastors and ministry leaders how to care for LGBTQ individuals in their contexts and actively builds  missional relationships with LGBTQ people, sharing Christ love with them. Elizabeth loves to cook, entertain, watch documentaries, and read about culture. Last but not least, she is a proud wife and the mother of two young boys.

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Season 2

Mary should spend a little less time reading fanfic and a little more time reading the Bible. A cradle Catholic and media scholar, Mary is most interested in how Side B might be represented through fictional narratives pop culture. Her coming out story may still be unfolding, but apologist arguments and bad jokes are guaranteed.


Season 3

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Sarah is a recent graduate of the George Washington University. Sarah is fascinated​ by the intersection between race/ethnicity, sexuality, and Christianity and how they help to foster a sense of belonging, develop collective narratives, and create meaningful communities.

She loves queer theory, good books, and deep conversations. She is constantly challenged by the unique ways marginalized people know God and seek to serve him, even at great personal costs. You can find her on twitter @saraheabbey, where she posts super sporadically (but lurks constantly).


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Meet Our New Cohost: Sarah Abbey


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Ashley is a woman in a mixed orientation marriage (her husband is straight and she is not) from the deep south. She describes herself as gay, bisexual, and same-sex attracted depending on who she is speaking to. She went to do mission work in Latin America when she finished high school and returned to the States when she was in her mid 20’s to straighten out her husband’s immigration paperwork. Her and her husband have recently had their first child. 

She is semi-closeted, in the sense that she doesn’t go out of her way to hide who she is attracted to but also doesn’t go out of her way to tell anybody, which is also normal for someone married and as private as she is. She is consistently finding herself more of an in-between person in most aspects of her life.

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Ashley on Coming Out (w/ Grant)