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There are many more resources out there than the Life on Side B podcast. With a complex topic like faith, sexuality, and gender, we need all the resources we can get. We hope this can help you find some more resources that can help you continue to learn more about what a vibrant Side B sexual ethic can look like!

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Our Sister Podcast

Milk and Honey is a podcast meant to showcase the truth, beauty, and goodness of the traditions and communities to which Side B folks belong--that is, Christian sexual and gender minorities who hold to what is often called the “traditional sexual ethic”. It is a space in which fellow Side B folks can offer treasures--music, liturgy, reflections, meditations, teaching--from our own diverse lives of faith and from the diverse faithful communities which nourish us.

Contribute a Treasure to Milk and Honey

Have a reading, prayer, or song you would like to submit for the podcast? Share it below!



An explanation of the four main Christian perspectives on sexuality. 

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Books suggestions on faith, sexuality, and gender.

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Collective blog posts from our cohosts and other friends

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